Playing the Lottery Online


Across the US, state lotteries are popular. These lotteries offer a wide variety of draw games and instant games. They can be played from home and even from a mobile app. The money from ticket sales goes to the state, local businesses, and schools. The remaining profits are then allocated by the governor. Most of the money goes towards education and other public programs. Several states are in the process of legalizing online lotteries.

A popular game is Powerball. This multi-state lottery game is played in 21 states, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Players must pick five numbers out of a pool of 69 to win. It costs $2 to play. Players must be a resident of one of the states involved. Powerball has a chance of paying out $40 million to a lucky winner.

Another multi-state game is Lucky for Life. Players can play these instant games on their smartphone or desktop. These are similar to scratch-off games. In addition, several state lotteries offer instant win scratch cards.

The New Hampshire Lottery began in 1964 and has many draw games to choose from. They also have the Mega Millions game. The money from ticket sales goes to educational programs and public schools. The state also donates money to road infrastructure.

The Idaho Lottery launched in 1989 and features several in-house and multi-state games. It’s part of the Multi-State Lottery Association. The lottery also contributes to several environmental programs, parks, and wildlife habitats.

The Missouri Lottery offers eight draw games. The state also participates in the Mega Millions game, Powerball, and Pick 3 games. The proceeds from ticket sales go towards the state general fund, education programs, and other public programs. It also helps fund public school renovations and construction.

The New Jersey Lottery features seven draw games. The proceeds from ticket sales go to state education programs, the public employee pension system, and other public programs. The lottery also contributes to the Common School Fund, a state fund that provides grants to local public schools.

The Virginia Lottery features several draw games, including scratch-offs, keno, and 2by2. The proceeds from ticket sales go to the state’s common school fund, the public school construction fund, and other public school renovations.

The Mississippi Lottery launched Powerball in 2019. They also have the Mega Millions and Mississippi Match 5 games. The lottery also contributes money to state and local schools, and to road infrastructure. They also offer several local games. In addition, they are a charter member of the Multi-State Lottery Association.

The North Carolina Education Lottery has been around for over five years. The state’s lottery has given away more than $5 billion in prize money to educational programs. They also use the unclaimed prizes to help fund property tax relief.

The Pennsylvania Lottery offers several draw games and virtual sports. The state hopes to raise $250 million in five years. They also contribute money to the state’s general fund, senior care services, and education programs.